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1. Average Walking Pace or Speed
How fast are you walking, what is the 'average' speed for men and women ?

2. Why Walking is the Most-recommended Exercise
Of course there are many things one can do for fitness. From playing sports to pilates, weight-lifting to tai chi and many more, there are almost endless options for being active and staying fit. So, why is walking the most talked about, the most practiced and the most recommended by doctors?

3. Fitness vs. Weight Loss
Fitness and weight loss are often used interchangeably. This is a mistake that many people make that can make a big difference in how or even if they meet their goals.

4. Tips to Alleviate Swollen Hands When Walking
Swelling in your hands while walking is a common problem, especially in new walkers. Here is some information on what may cause swelling and how to alleviate the swelling in your hands and get back to enjoying your walking program.

5. How to measure your step or stride
What is a stride and how you can measure your stride.

6. Avoiding and Treating Blisters
Blisters are occasional hazards when walking.Learn to avoid them and treat them if necessary.

7. Brisk Walking Pace
For maximum health benefits we are recommended to walk at a brisk pace. How can you determine whether or not you are walking at a brisk pace?

8. Converting Steps to Miles
How do you convert the steps you walk every day into miles to find out how far you are walking?

9. Increase your Walking Endurance
How's your stamina? Can you keep up? Do what you used to do without paying the price the day after? If you need more endurance, read this article for building it with walking.

10. Walking to Improve Sleep
Have you difficulty sleeping? A daily walk is a simple and easy solution to the problem of disturbed sleep. If you suffer from restlessness or insomnia walking on a regular basis will help

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